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The Worldwide Association of Small Churches and Houses of Worship is an interdenominational organization with over 3,600 members throughout the world. Our newly created Youth Division is the catalyst behind this event.

The power of the young certainly influences the actions of the adults. Our future is definitely with the next generation and we feel that as a community minded organization we need to build a strong and stable foundation for the future and one of the main sources of that foundation is the creative power of our young people. Giving young people direction and opportunity can only enhance and empower our communities, hence the creation of the Youth Division of the Worldwide Association of Small Churches.

The Youth Division is committed to leveraging the power of our youth through education and community participation. This first event, gives our young people the opportunity to have a dialog with local politicians, community leaders, business professionals and the local clergy. This event, which fosters understanding of community and the relationship with our young people, is a very special one. The dialogue will address key issues facing our young people, from employment to police practices and more.

Thank you for your attendance! Please make it a point to fill out our registration form so we can keep you apprised of upcoming events. Your participation is what makes a difference. Thank you again for coming.

Dr. Bishop Ebony Kirkland
Founder and Chairperson
The Worldwide Association of Small Churches and Houses of Worship (a 501 C 3 non profit organization)

PS - if you are interested in making a donation, becoming a sponsor or participating in future events, please call Dr. Kirkland at 718-742-0092 or email bishopkirkland@livinggod.org

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