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    • The Worldwide Association of Small Churches is a worldwide based fellowship of independent Churches designed to equip, unite, educate, and provide accountability to Churches and ministries that have a desire to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ.
    • Our vision is that the Church, will model “The New Testament Christianity in Action”
    • While each Church is independent, they all share in the same values
    • Christianity in action
    • Dynamic community of believers
    • Connecting to the next generation


    • The mission of the Worldwide Association of the Small Churches, is to provide a supportive base for the unity and fellowship of its members. In order to provide individual growth.
    • Professional development
    • Continuing education and spiritual enrichment.
    • The Worldwide Association…
    • Promotes and encourages the training and support of its members.


    • Is to provide resources, education, and networking to tens of thousands of independent and denominational affiliated small Churches across the world.
    • The view is to enhance their abilities to fulfill their nonprofit mission in their communities.
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